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About Barbara Jennings

HomeStaging911 is the brain child of home staging and interior redesign expert, mentor and trainer, Barbara Jennings, who has been teaching home study courses over the internet since 2002.

The first person to break away from expensive seminars as a means of training eligible candidates, Barbara Jennings is the pioneer of self-paced, home study courses and tutorials in these two industries.

Over time, the courses and books she has written on the subject and the thousands of students that have availed themselves of this smart way to train, have made Jennings one of the most sought after trainers in the country.

Jennings felt that while seminars were good vehicles for training, most attendees would only remember about 10% of what they heard. Travel, hotel bills and the seminar fees charged by others were outlandishly high and many people came away angry, disappointed and disheartened.

Now Jennings' pioneering work in both industries has revolutionized the way people learn the business, making it not only affordable but possible for anyone to start their own business, no matter what their background, education, prior experience or knowledge.

With over 35 year's experience in building home decorating businesses, Jennings is considered one of the foremost experts with over 5,000 students who have benefited from her programs.

For more information, visit: Decorate-Redecorate.Com

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Barbara Jennings

The No. 1 Top Selling Author on Home Staging and Interior Redesign

Huntington Beach, CA

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